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Fragrant, the flowers have such a large number of petals (bomb peony form), that they may need some support. Delicately fragrant, the double flowers open from deep pink buds into large, rose-shaped, pale pink blossoms gracefully adorned with ruffled petals. Lightly fragrant, Peony 'Pink Dawn' (Paeonia lactiflora) produces large, bright pink, single flowers with white overtones and a glowing center of golden-yellow stamens. One of the most unusual and eye … Sprayfree Peony Blooms & Tubers – North Otago – New Zealand. You can use these white peonies as a centerpiece for an attractive cut flower floral arrangement. To use the website as intended please  This selection chooses those peonies which flower particularly early, or particulary late, which are ideal for extending the season of peony flowering. Ideas with Paeonia - Peonies, A Lovely Spring Border Idea with Peonies, Purple Cranesbill and Loosestrife, A Lovely Duo to Try: Peonies and Armenian Cranesbill, A Lovely Spring Border Idea with Peonies and Irises, A Lovely Spring Border Idea with Peonies, Roses and Sage, A Romantic Spring Garden Idea with Peonies, Irises and Flower Bulbs, Peonies and Companion Plants - Coral & Purple Theme, Late Season Peonies for your Spring Garden, Late Midseason Peonies for your Spring Garden, Early Midseason Peonies for your Spring Garden, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, A1, A2, A3, Cut Flowers, Fragrant, Plant of Merit, Showy. in height (80-90 cm). A fragrant peony that stands out in my mind is Walter Faxon. Midseason Peony. Known for its sweet perfume, lily of the valley’s white bell-shaped flowers are a dainty addition to any shady spot in your garden. A single sprig of daphne can fill a room with its perfume – it’s amazing such a small flower can pack such a punch! Sophisticated elegance, white single flowers, compliments anything . Kansas: Large, double blooms light red that … Feb 24, 2012 - Add romance to your garden or landscape with peonies. It produces large, bright, satiny pink flowers with a luminous center of golden-yellow stamens. We never share your email address with anybody and you can unsubscribe at any time. Up to 28 in. Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society, Introduced to American gardeners in 1888, award-winner Peony 'Monsieur Jules Elie' is still incredibly popular. This midseason peony will flower in late spring - early summer for 2 weeks (up to 4 weeks in cool weather areas) thanks to the many side buds which open in sequence. Alexander Fleming' is a long-lasting Peony thanks to the large number of side buds, which extend its blooming season. They thrive in frosty cold areas, and require some cold to flower successfully. NEW LAUNCH: Paeonia All That Jazz (Intersectional Itoh Peony All That Jazz) (Fragrant) (Mid Season Flowering) £ 89.00 Paeonia ‘Bartzella’ AGM (Intersectional ‘Itoh’ Peony) Fragrant (Mid Season Flowering) Forms a large bush of outstanding beauty. or 20-25 cm), beautifully-shaped, creamy white blossoms with a very light blush and golden stamens. This is one of Professor Saunders' Quad hybrids involving 4 different peony species in its background. Peony flower delivery nationally throughout the UK, Ireland and of course internationally; to include and celebrate with our special people overseas. Our Price: $17.00 . Not all peonies are scented, but those that are have a lovely rose-like smell. to your backyard. Quite spectacular, Peony 'Golly' (Paeonia lactiflora) produces unique double flowers with apple-blossom pink guard petals surmounted by a ring of golden-yellow staminodes and topped by a small tuft of pink petals. Franklin D. Roosevelt' (Peony), Paeonia lactiflora 'Bowl of Cream' (Peony), Paeonia lactiflora 'Shirley Temple' (Peony), Great Plant Combination Ideas Free-flowering and deliciously scented, it produces crown-shaped blossoms with rich creamy-white petals, delicately touched with a hint of yellow. in height (75 cm). A very compact plant of great beauty, either in a vase or in the spring garden. Most of these are highly fragrant varieties, they grow well across the USA from the most severe winter climates to northern coastal areas that reliably have cold temperatures below 40 degrees F. Warmer climate areas should choose Tree Peonies (to be uploaded in February), as they require much less winter chill. across (12 cm), have satiny petals surrounding a center packed with golden-yellow stamens. This beautiful shrub will happily survive cooler temperatures. Peony Athena is a fragrant, splash patterned, early blooming single, apricot buff with rosy pink flares inside each petal. This early season peony grows in a lush, bushy mound of glossy, dark green, divided foliage reaching up to 36 in. Vigorous, 'Comanche' never fails to attract the attention of onlookers. Borne in profusion on strong stems, this midseason peony grows in a lush, bushy mound of glossy, deep green, divided foliage reaching up to 36 in. Sweetly fragrant, the luminous blossoms, up to 5 in. in height (80 cm). Lightly fragrant, the flowers boast bright magenta-pink guard petals surrounding a center of amber-yellow and magenta staminodes. Full Sun to Part Shade Garden Treasure Intersectional Peonies are a sight to behold. Prized by most gardeners, Peony 'Shirley Temple' is truly fascinating! Up to 34 in. Midseason Peony. It will bring a lovely subtle scent (and the bees!) Early Midseason Peony. Borne on sturdy stems, they provide a nice contrast against the rich green foliage and create an impressive sight in the spring garden. in height (90 cm). Up to 36 in. Delicately scented, peonies are available in a wide spectrum of colours including white, cream, pink, purple, burgundy, red, and more. Opening up from a tight ball of petals, it gradually unfurls like a water lily to form a splendid, large double flower with soft shell-pink incurved petals, fading to creamy-white in the center. Award of Landscape Merit and American Peony Society Golden Medal. The peony was once grown for its medicinal qualities but today we prize this perennial flower for its distinctive, fragrant flowers. Regarded as one of the best red double peonies, Peony 'Henry Bockstoce' is a spectacular Hybrid Peony with enormous, double, rich cardinal-red flowers, up to 8 in. Franklin D. Roosevelt' is also exquisitely fragrant and free flowering. Free flowering and delightfully fragrant, they are borne in profusion and are a real standout in the garden. Country Whispers, crammed with the delight of fragrant peonies together with … Reaches up to 28-30 in. They encircle green carpels tipped creamy white and a ring of long golden stamens. One of the many benefits of living in a cooler climate is the ability to grow plants that need lower temperatures. Peonies fragrance range from sweet and rosy to citrusy and spicy. A very old but extremely beautiful Peony, award-winning 'Duchesse de Nemours' (Paeonia lactiflora) is well worth including in your garden. Delightfully fragrant, 'Laura Dessert' is a prolific bloomer, a strong grower and a real star in the spring garden. Exotic Flowers .. A truly magnificent sight to behold and fragrance to match. Peonies have large and very fragrant flowers and can be found in different colours – pink, coral, cerise, red, burgundy, white, yellow or even purple. Excellent health, vigor, and increase rate by division earned this Itoh Peony many awards. Native to North America: No. The blossoms that are warmed by the early morning sun upon first opening are often at their peak of fragrance and later in the heat of the day may be only moderately fragrant or not noticeably fragrant at all, as the volatile essential oils are evaporated from the flower. The strong 30" stems grow quickly in the spring and the flower has a pleasant,light fragrance. Not all peonies are scented, but those that are have a lovely rose-like smell. NATURAL INGREDIENTS Our Pure Peony range is made in Nelson, New Zealand, for people with very sensitive, allergic and irritated skin. Flower has yellow staminodes visible at times but is still a full double. tall (90 cm). in height (90 cm). Late Season Peony. Early Bird Single red hybrid with interesting finely cut lacey foliage flowering at Labour Weekend. With an above average blooming ability, award-winner Itoh Peony 'Bartzella' features very large and luminous, golden yellow, semi to fully double flowers, 6-8 in. Lilac is known for its intense fragrance and beautiful pink-purple blooms. Lightly fragrant, this arresting beauty will capture the heart of many gardeners. Among the most fragrant peonies, 'Philomele' (Paeonia lactiflora) is also very attractive. The large Japanese form blossoms feature two rows of raspberry-pink petals surrounding a center densely packed with creamy-white and pale pink staminodes. It produces very elegant medium-sized, anemone-shaped or crown-shaped blossoms, with large lavender-pink guard petals surrounding a center of amber-yellow and lavender-pink petaloids. Sort By: Page of 1 : Duchess de Nemours A fragrant early white double that has remained a popular choice for more than 100 years. Cut flower. Generally speaking, the double, white and pink peonies tend to be the most fragrant while most single and red peonies do not have a scent - though there are a few exceptions. Beautiful in the garden, it also makes outstanding cut flowers. Peonie Varieties Available At SuziQ’s All our peonies have a 60-90cm stem and known for their long vase life. A stunning floral bouquet of blooming peonies and fragrant tea rose underpinned with soft vanilla absolute notes *Disclaimer: Our fragrances are unique to NZCS. Winner of the American Peony Society Gold Medal (1943). Fragrant, the large single blossoms feature nicely rounded petals surrounding a center packed with golden-yellow anthers. Up to 28 in. Up to 34 in. more info.. SOLD OUT. 'Duchesse de Nemours' has been deservedly popular for over 150 years. Very Early season Peony. Here is a selection of exceptional peonies that could... To help you plan your late spring or early summer garden... Use our interactive toolsto design your dream garden. Delightfully fragrant, they are borne on strong stems, therefore no staking is required. tall (75-90 cm). Skip to main content # my account: cart: wishlist: Home; List; Information; Contact; Terms; Programs; Hybridizer's Corner; All Peonies; Peonies A-D; Peonies E-K; Peonies L-M; Peonies N-R; Peonies S-Z; ALM and GM Awards; Best Landscapers; Dividing and Replanting A Peony; Early Herbaceous; Fertilizing; Flower Form Definitions; Growing Fine Peonies; Hybrids; … Free-flowering, 'Pink Dawn', also known as 'Pink Princess', is one of the best-selling single pink peonies. Full bloom: spring/summer though some varieties will flower all year. in height (85 cm). wide (20 cm). Up to 32 in. Purchase peonies at wholesale prices from Peony ‘Lollipop’ Peony ‘Lollipop’ is an intersection peony with unusual pink-speckled apricot … Our ingredients are extremely important to us. We use cookies on this website, you can read about them here. Peony ‘Fernleaf’ The red peony variety ‘Fernleaf’ can be identified by its feathery needle-like green foliage. Unfortunately peonies grown in Europe have quite a short season which lasts from April to July and their blooming usually can take from 7 … Up to 36 in. These moderately fragrant peonies may be more appropriately used indoors, where their perfume will not be intoxicating. A peonies fragrance is perfect for freshening up the home. Here's my pic from last spring. A superb landscape Peony which has been rewarded with the prestigious Award of Landscape Merit of the American Peony Society. tall (75-85 cm). Late Midseason Peony, Extremely vigorous, award-winner Peony 'Scarlett O'Hara' is a well named Hybrid Peony with its vivacious, fiery scarlet-red flowers. Peonies to Extend the Flowering Season. Late Midseason peony. American Peony Society Gold Medal, Incredibly refined and beautiful, award-winner Peony 'Mrs. Diana Parks An extremely fragrant bright red fully double peony. Up to 36 in. Winner of the American Peony Society Gold Medal (1981), One of the most popular Japanese white Peonies, Award-winning Peony 'Bu-Te' (Paeonia lactiflora) features large, bowl-shaped, pure white blossoms with slightly ruffled petals surrounding a conspicuous center of golden-yellow staminodes. ONLINE ORDERS ARE NOW CLOSED FOR THE 2020 TUBER SEASON. Note this is the default cart. For inspiration, professional advice and the latest in NZ gardening trends, Palmers is the place to be. Good cut flower. In some areas it opens blush before fading to white. Borne in profusion, they are a real standout in the garden. The crinkly petals surround a small tuft of bright yellow stamens. The fragrance changes during the day and may be affected by temperature and humidity, as well as the age of the flower. in height (80 cm). Article from Up to 36 in. Fragrant Peonies. Won the Gold Medal of the American Peony Society. As the flowers mature, their heart resembles more and more a fully double gold and white bomb, hence creating a very … Borne in profusion, the blooms are well presented above the foliage, on fairly strong, erect stems. tall (90 cm). Being planted in the correct location and given a little attention, most Peonies will grow profusely in the same spot for many many years, and will become a focal point of your gardens. Late Midseason Peony. And Mother Nature has been remarkably generous with the Paeonia genus as many peonies are also delightfully fragrant, adding one more positive dimension to your enjoyment of growing this fabulous garden perennial! wide (15-20 cm), delicately flushed scarlet at their heart. Late Midseason Peony. Accept We always recommend purchasing a 30ml sample to test first. 'Dr. Noted for its pretty form, color and prefect size, 'Mrs. Ideally requiring at least 3 … Alexander Fleming' (Peony), Paeonia lactiflora 'Lady Alexandra Duff' (Peony), Paeonia lactiflora 'Laura Dessert' (Peony), Paeonia lactiflora 'Monsieur Jules Elie' (Peony), Paeonia lactiflora 'Mother's Choice' (Peony), Paeonia lactiflora 'Mrs. ), they are well presented above the foliage, on strong, erect stems that do not require staking. has been written based on numerous outside resources. Early Midseason Peony. Slightly fragrant, the blooms are borne on stiff, strong stems and are pleasantly complemented by an outstanding foliage. Early Midseason Peony. They encircle a fluffy center densely packed with canary-yellow petaloids. A spectacular flower with an intense fragrance that is the perfect addition to any flower bouquet. Late season flowering, medium height $30 each. Slightly fragrant, Peony 'Whopper' (Paeonia lactiflora) produces remarkable, large, satin pink flowers, 6 in. The foliage remains attractive throughout summer until late fall. tall (90 cm). Packed with rounded petals, the blooms exhibit an elegant rose center. WE STILL HAVE A VERY LIMITED SUPPLY AVAILABLE FOR EMAIL ORDERS – GET IN TOUCH QUICK! A great garden subject in the spring garden. For example, Paeonia lactiflora ‘Duchesse de Nemours’ AGM is an exquisite double white flower with a cream centre and the most delightful perfume. Multi award winning, and considered the finest yellow variety on the market. Pale pink in buds, the guard petals open cream colored before gradually fading to pure white. Midseason. Virtually carefree once established, they live for generations, are deer proof and produce some of the best cut flowers - making them one of Nature's loveliest perennials! We are located on the outskirts of Christchurch, the main city of the South Island of New Zealand. wide (15-20 cm). Peonies, singularly referred to as the peony and botanically known as Paeonia, must have cool enough weather to maintain dormancy for about 60 days. with Paeonia - Peonies, Want Garden Inspiration? Borne in profusion (expect 4 to 5 dozen of blossoms on a mature bush! Up to 26-36 in. Resembling roses, the large flowers are so packed with delicately incurved inner petals that the golden stamens are almost hidden. It took over 500 crosses every year for 8 years to achieve this beautiful creamy-yellow Peony! Borne in profusion on strong stems, they float above a particularly attractive green foliage. Wonderfully fragrant, the pretty blooms are borne on strong stems that rarely require staking. in height (90 cm). tall (70 cm). Won the American Peony Society Award of Landscape Merit (2009), Award-winner Peony 'Elsa Sass' (Paeonia lactiflora) is incredibly beautiful with its large, velvety, white, fully double blossoms. in height (80-90 cm). Peony flowers are showy and fragrant with large heads and a lavish petal count. Introduced in 1861, 'Philomele' is one of the most ancient peonies but has never gone out of fashion! Young plants enjoy anemone-shaped flowers with a flat center packed with amber-yellow petals while more mature plants develop crown-shaped blooms with a central dome bursting with lavender pink petals. Late Midseason Peony. Check these Great Plant Combination Fragrant, they are borne in profusion on strong stems and are a real standout in the garden. Some peonies are strongly scented, allowing the enjoyment of their scent at a normal viewing distance while others require one's nose to be closer to the bloom to enjoy their more moderate fragrance. The very large, double blossoms are richly packed with light rose-pink petals, elegantly ruffled, and with a delicate silvery sheen at their tips. Peonies are a perfect flower to grow then cut and keep inside in a vase. Up to 36 in. in height and spread (90 cm), One of Europe's favorites, award-winner Peony 'Dr. Franklin D. Roosevelt' (Paeonia lactiflora) ranks high on the list of the top favorite peonies. Most peonies are fragrant, although some more so than others. Fragrant. Up to 30 in. Why We Love It: Golden-yellow peonies are as rare as they are beautiful. Mid season flowering $18 each . A newer peony from the 1980s, 'Bartzella' offers rich, golden-yellow blooms. As founding members of the New Zealand Peony Society, we have been growing peonies for both export cut flowers and plant sales for 30 years. OUR OFFER. We can send a box of Blooms to anywhere in NZ. White Wings. The description of these plants While there are a lot of single red hybrid peonies, few can compare with this outstanding Peony, with its vigor and strong stems. in height (75 cm). A plant of great beauty, either in a vase or in the spring garden. A fragrance from another company with the same fragrance name, does not mean you will get exactly the same scent. Midseason Peony, Multiple award-winner Peony 'Pink Hawaiian Coral' is exceptionally beautiful with glowing semi-double, coral pink blossoms gradually opening to reveal their yellow stamens, and fading to soft apricot-pink as they mature. Specialist Paeony Propagators and Root Producers Welcome to Simmons Paeonies, and our autumn 2021 selection Paul & Esther Simmons have been running a peony nursery since 1986. Below you can find all our blooms and their unique applications. Midseason Peony. A lovely shrub with crisp white scented blooms and glossy green leaves. Early Season Peony. Vigorous and prolific, 'Cora Stubbs' has a great number of side buds guaranteeing a long-lasting display in the spring garden. Up to 36 in. Borne on sturdy stems, the spectacular blooms contrast nicely with the silky, light green foliage. Considered to be the finest yellow intersectional hybrid by many gardeners, multiple award-winner Itoh Peony 'Garden Treasure' features very large golden yellow, semi-double flowers packed with 20-50 petals delicately flushed scarlet at their heart. Here is a selection of fragrant peonies that could become the highlight of your spring garden, but are also superb for cutting and bringing indoors ! Create a membership account to save your garden designs and to view them on any device. It produces very elegant medium-sized, anemone-shaped or crown-shaped blossoms, with large lavender-pink guard petals surrounding a center of amber-yellow and lavender-pink petaloids. It has large hairy carpels with pink tips. Up to 30-36 in. White. Very fragrant. This beauty provides extra-large citron yellow, semi-double blooms with a hint of scarlet red at the base of each petal.
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